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4 Must-Read Books for the Aspiring Entrepreneur

Below is a round-up of books that will challenge your perspective and encourage you on the continuous journey of entrepreneurship. This list contains a few popular titles that I believe are worth the hype and a few hidden gems.

The Lean Startup is an increasingly popular approach to building a business. Ries writes, “The goal of a startup is to figure out the right thing to build – that customers want and will pay for - as quickly as possible.” He shares valuable techniques to build a business as efficiently as possible such as the build-learn-measure feedback loop.

Laura Huang is a Harvard Business School Professor that has studied perception and attributions in the workplace over a decade. Huang argues that hard work alone isn’t always enough. This book gives readers practical steps to flip stereotypes to work in our favor, inefficiencies into opportunities, and adversity into advantages. 

Poverty is a complex issue. For decades, we have taken the same approach to solve poverty: identify poverty regions, hand out resources, and hope for a lasting positive impact. Often these philanthropic efforts act as more of a band-aid and fail to address the root cause. Christensen and his co-authors make a compelling case for a more effective framework based on market-creating innovation.

Running low on inspiration? This book is for you. Guy Raz is the brilliant interviewer behind NPR’s ultra-popular podcast: How I Built This. In the book, Guy recounts some of the best stories from his hundreds of interviews. He rounds up each story with actionable advice for entrepreneurs at every stage. 

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