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How to Build Your Brand Using Direct Messages

Direct messages or “DMs” are an integral tool in any seller's toolbelt. Used properly, DMs can create brand value by building relationships with customers, communicating troubleshooting information, and providing customer service. Below is a guide to using DMs to grow your business!

Connect & Grow - Make your business credible by communicating with followers. Direct messaging is a great way to strengthen your brand's connection to followers. 

  • When people tag your brand/business, you’ll be notified via DMs. Take a moment to reply and thank them for their support.
  • If your followers reply to your story or reel, make sure to reply and answer any questions or acknowledge their response.

Customer Support - Customers may reach out to brands for help, support, or information about a product. When followers feel supported they feel valued.

  • Responding quickly through a direct message is an easy way to ensure that your products are leaving a positive impact. Even if you can’t give a full response at the moment, say something to let them know you have seen their message and will make responding in full a priority. 
  • If someone complains about your product, consider direct messaging them to offer help. Remember to double-check tone and prioritize resolving the issue rapidly to avoid fall-out.

Value Loyalty - Show that your brand is accessible and that you care about engaging with your followers.

  • Use a tone that builds on a sense of belonging
  • Answer questions promptly
  • Be committed to your customer
  • Listen to customers carefully

Drive Engagement - increase traffic to your site and business by keeping followers up to date.

  • Announce new products or services
  • Deliver sneak-peaks to interested customers
  • Run contests to celebrate brand growth, not to gain followers
  • Share special offers or coupon codes to repeat customers 

Connections - DMs can be a great way to grow your community and expand your network.

  • Collaborating with influencers draws attention to your product. To do this, research their area of interest before reaching out to determine if the collaboration will be a good fit for both parties involved. Then, Send them a message saying why you want to connect with them, what the proposed collaboration looks like, and how it will benefit them. You can also connect with other businesses of the same niche to create goodwill and explore possible collaborations.

Getting Feedback - asking for feedback through DMs is an easy way to improve and grow your product or service. Ask for feedback:

  • Look at the comment section and find people vocal about your product
  • Reach out to this group to get exclusive input about your product such as user experience and suggestions on how to improve
  • Thank them for their time and their willingness to help you improve

Follow these best practices

When building your brand using direct messages, it’s a good idea to keep the following in mind.

  • Avoid copy-pasted texts to keep your messaging authentic and personable. 
  • Don’t send promotional content to people who never wanted it, only message people who would benefit from what you have to say.
  • Reply to all messages with the same urgency, not replying/replying late damages reputation and image. 

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