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Design gorgeous digital storefronts that get instant results
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Creating a shop is as easy as texting!

1 Setup your shop in a couple of minutes by texting
"Open" to (479) 239-8989

2 Claim your shop by signing up with your email and start selling!
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Design a gorgeous store front that gets instant results

1 Set up your admin portal in a few clicks. You’ll be able to see your website and understand how it works before any payment is accepted.

Login and start listing your products instantly.

Tell your customers you’re online and wait for the sales to roll in!

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All Kinds of Shops

Rejoicy works great for a variety of local businesses. Check out some examples below of shops selling hand-made products, food, subscriptions and more.


Locally Made Products

Making products in the area?
Your items can be uploaded in minutes and ready to fulfill by shipping, delivery, or pickup.

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Screenshot of Shire Post Mint shop on Rejoicy
Screenshot of Bites & Bowlsl shop on Rejoicy
Bites & Bowls

Dine-in or Take-out

Want to sell fresh breakfast, pre-packaged lunch, or heat-and-eat dinner? Rejoicy has you covered with options for sizes, toppings, allergen warnings and more.

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Dandy Roll

Subscriptions to Sustain the Community

Providing products or services to customers on the regular is a great way to maintain consistent income, and is easy to set up with Rejoicy.

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Screenshot of Dandy Roll shop on Rejoicy

Start selling while you sleep

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